Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Let's dance for a while

Do you like to move it? You hear him!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Two fines in two days

I can't believe that I received 2 fines in two days and all that because of my car windows' film. I'm using Johnson Window Films GSN 30 for the back and side windows and 0% reflective in the windoscreen. What happened that yesterday it was cloudy and when it's cloudy, this film really makes my car look very dark inside and you barely can see through. I was going to SQU and there we have this gate before you get inside, and there, one of those freaky picky policemen stopped me and asked for my license and car registration and rudely and ridiculously signed me a fine because of my windows film without negotiating or anything.

ME: What's this?
Policeman: Please sir, sign here.
ME: What for? What's that? Excessive usage of windows film 30% + ? How comes?
Policeman: This is the rules and sorry I can't help you.
ME: I'm not asking for help, but my windows film is not more than 30% and it's a branded windows film.
Policeman: O.K, you don't want to sign here then please take it off from your car, NOW!
ME: WTF? where to sign please!

Seriously, I tried to explain to him that this windows film is licensed and that it looked more reflective just because of the weather and bla bla bla, but apparently that guy seemed so ignorant and merely uneducated!

Today again, I came the same terminal and the same thing happened but guess what this time? They give me a fine again, because my front window is filmed and seriously I can't believe that they even gave me a fine for that. I mean it's 0% for GOD'S SAKE, what's bothering them? I couldn't talk more with these people, they're literally ignorant and awain they told me windows film of any kind in the front window is strictly NOT ALLOWED! Yeah not allowed my ass!

~ This is stupid, I mean why windows film is not allowed on cars? Whether 100%, 50% or whatever, it's not their CARS and there is nothing that could harm having windows film on your car. It actually protects you from many rays and bla bla bla bla.
Ouff suckers! I hate them!!

Monday, December 04, 2006


I hope you have similar comments as mine about this!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy National Day

Happy National Day to you ALL. May Allah give His Majesty, Qaboos Bin Said, the full health and live longer.
Such a great ruler and admirable person, we LOVE YOU all, Mawlana. I really can't wait for the Coffee Party ^_^

Friday, October 27, 2006

Your Blogging Type is Kind and Harmonious
You're an approachable blogger who tends to have many online friends.People new to your blogging circle know they can count on you for support.You tend to mediate fighting and drama. You set a cooperative tone.You have a great eye for design - and your blog tends to be the best looking on the block!
I have gotten that quiz's link from sensation's blog and I thought of sharing it with you guys. I hope you'd enjoy it and try it our by yourself ;)
Golly!! I knew that something forthcoming this Eid, something bad and horrible. I'm not a pessimistic person but I had the feeling even before Eid started. It happened that I have been hospitalized for the first time in my whole life since I was born. I had some periumbulical abdominal pain, which was almost killing me like hell.

The first of Eid was fun as usual, went to our newest farm took the Lexus and kids with me for the 3iyood (yea in Nizwa we call it 3iyood). I know that I haven't eaten any meat in the first day, but I had some "Harees" and ate some "fustuq", too. Before I go to bed, I felt some slight pain in my stomach and I thought that will be gone tomorrow the other day when I wake up. Unexpectedly, I kept waking up at night sweating but without feeling any pain, and then when I fully woke up in the morning I felt a horrible pain that you cannot imagine. I woke up yelling from the pain, I felt like something eating my stomach and every part in my abdomen. I immediately went to the bathroom and whatever happened next I felt better. I, then, thought that the pain has gone and now I can go and eat some meat and so I did. When it was noon time, I felt the pain again but this time I was extremely sweltering and like the sun is 1 inch above. I was at my room and I couldn't call anyone, actually I couldn't even talk or scream and as the pain gradually goes I became to be able to go and take some pill from mum and drink some honey. I wasn't able to eat anything hence then because I was nauseated, fevered and almost subconscious. I tried to sleep but I couldn't till after Ma'3reeb prayer but then again the pain came and that time it was a strike. My brother immediately took me to the hospital and the fun starts here. In Nizwa we have polyclinic and main hospital (Nizwa Hospital). The polyclinic is closer to our house but my brother immediately took me to NH and once we arrived there, the recipient asked me where I am from and I was like 'duh! I'm from Nizwa' and he asked me which area in Nizwa and I told him Al3ain, and then he said sorry then you cannot see the Dr. here, go to the polyclinic first and if your condition is in emergency then they'll transfer you to here because this is the rules awain. I was like "WTF", and I told him ok I'm not from Nizwa I'm from Muscat, he then kept quiet and just said 'sorry'. I lost my temper and I became completely off. I mean, what the hell, I arrived to the hospital already, why should I go to the polyclinic anyway? Anyhwwz, I asked my brother to go to private clinic but sadly and weirdly all of them were closed and I was shocked, so I eventually went to this polyclinic and there another fun happened.

I arrived there around 9.30 PM and it was completely crowded and like bedlam. There was no hope I can see the Dr. because they close at 11 but what happened that I fainted and since then I can't remember anything till I woke up at home yesterday morning. I can't believe that I fainted, lol I never fainted before and what's amusing that when I became conscious I can't remember a thing. I can't believe that I have been injected, injection is my greatest fear besides scorpions. I have been injected like 6 times and I have been transferred to NH. Weird, I can't remember anything after I fainted but it was like in a nightmare and the only thing that I can remember is seeing my Mum and hearing the voice of a special person to me. My mum was with me all the time, fdaiteh ana, she was so worried about me, she thought that I might have the "dooda zaiday" and I might have an operation or something. She told me that I wasn't like someone who's sick, I was blurting stupid things, foul-mouthed especially when the nurse injected me, because I called her "you shit". LoL, I swear I don't remember because if I was really conscious I wouldn't let anyone to inject me, kill me and don't inject me, even I'm in about to die, albeit (*yuk*). I can't believe the stories that mum told me when I was in the hospital, I made fun of the Dr., I shut up some kids crying next bed, asking for TV, complaining about bad service and so on. I can't remember anything and I asked my brother (Consultant Pediatrician at MoDH) why I was acting insanely like that and he just said that's because of the fever that caused me subconsciousness. I wish there was a camera recorded me, lol I wanna see how I was looking :p. All what I care that I have been cherished by a special person, yes she my Mum and how much she was with me the whole time and cared about me. I love you Mum. ^_^

For now, al7amdellah I almost feel no pain and I don't think that I'm going to eat any junky food any soon, not even after two weeks. I rather eat some healthy food you know, fruits and fresh homemade food.

Anyway, this Eid Alfiter was another bad one, as just the last one when my 14 years old second cousin died in horrible car accident. This year, I became ill and guess what? I have exams, actually not only exams, quizzes, assignments, etc etc. But you know what? I don't care, I'll just do my best now and see how it goes.

I hope y'all enjoyed your Eid, inshallah elshar ma yjeekom :)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Eid Mubarak to you all :)
May Allah make all your days filled with happiness and joy and accept your deeds and fasting. "ameen"

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I was experimenting the focusing feature and trying to come up with something more close-up that show the details of my object which is the dragonfly in this photo. The purpose that I made the lower part coming darker is to help me showing the details of the dragonfly; that's by the lighting in the background of the upper part my photo. Obviously, such photos need patience and concentration and it took me around 15 minutes to get this photo right with shutter speed of 1/403 sec. I hope you'll like it and comments are highly appreciated

Picture Details

Model: Canon DIGITAL IXUS 800 IS
Shutter Speed: 1/403 second
F Number: F/5.5
Focal Length: 23 mm
Date Picture Taken: Aug 17, 2006, 12:07:32 PM

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I thought of changing my desktop since 3anooda 'thinks' it's kinda scary lol. Besides, I loved this image, it's firstly include my dream car with my fave color (Honda S2000, sky blue), secondly it's very well taken and thirdly it's HONDA, means Japanese made ;)

3anooda, ha aish ra2ek?
And guys what do you think, too? ;-)

PS: Tomboy has been added to my blogmate!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The most blogging-aholic person in the Internet, 3ANOODA, added me to her tagging list to post my background wallpaper. Here we go, 3anooda, and thanks for tagging.

OH yeah! Guys, I'm still alive ;)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Being too nice and kind is solely an internal itch. I don't mean that for specific people in my life but to those who aren't close to me. I have been always kind and nice almost with everyone and everywhere. I have been always trying my best to interact with people less but in the same time making relation with them. Thankfully, I'm known to be the cheerful and crazy person, people told me that I have a unique smile and attitude. Yes I don't interact with people that much, but when they need me I welcome them with my both hands like I'm the closest person to them. I help as much as I can and I try my best not to bring anyone back, because I would feel guilty if I didn't help a person who asked me for a help. It's something more like inborn habit; I just can't help it myself helping others and be gracious as possible. I'm not the type of a person who would do something to get a 'thank you' on return, but I do it as ethically as religiously as I have been taught. My concern is seeing people happy and in peace; intrinsically that Allah would accept my work as good deeds and grant me his compassion, either on this life or at the Judgment Day.

Yet, all overall, you would find people who bears hatred for you, jealousy and malevolence. I don't bother myself with that because I know I can't satisfy every single individual I ever knew. But the worst part, being nice people who aren't close to you but they hates you or dislikes you. I don't interact with them that much and if I do, I'm with all innocence baring my kindness and being honest to everyone. What earnestly irritates me that I have been nice and kind to a person and the other day s/he completely ignores what I did for him/her. Some people would even backstabbing you and accuse you with something that you'd never ever done. This is unequivocally called hypocrisy and depreciation and such people are scum of the earth.

Lately, I've been trying to be a better Muslim referring to the fact that death is certain and we just don't know when we are going to die. I was thinking about those people who bear some enmity for me and I was like "Ok, let me be better than these people and go apologize to them about anything to just satisfy their pleasure so they could stop stalking and shitting about me". As much as I always wanted not to be hated but actually loved and respected from everyone, I thought of an idea that –for the long terms- purifies me from having enemies which is apologizing.

Apologizing and saying sorry to people, however, is definitely something righteous and ain't lame. At the beginning, I was very hesitant to go and talk to those people and say sorry, but I got my guts and did it. I went to apologize to many people that I thought that I wasn't that much nice with them or that I ever had a problem with them previously. The majority of them were very understanding and actually they were shocked why I came and apologized to them. For some reasons I thought I would sound as awkward as a loser just going to people and apologize to them after being all nice and kind before. Then, I believed that I did the right thing and I don't think I would regret what I did one day. I was better than them, yes I felt relived after apologizing knowing that I have no more enmity from people that I kept thinking they do have. The word "sorry" is verily like a magic word, it changed my relation with many people to a better one.

That wasn't enough for me, I have also an online identity and I do have relations with other online identities in different communities. What the heck, I went to apologize to many of them (either by E-mail or Forum PMs) and I was also happy that most of them were an understanding person. There were three identities that were exceptional. One has reluctantly replied me with very harsh and offensive words that is unexpected from a person like him that has good online reputation. I couldn't believe that he holds that much hatred for me and my artwork in this way but at the end I would say (if you gonna read this) Allah Ysam7ak!!

The other two identities completely ignored my PMs which were succinct why I came and apologized to them. These two are two best friends in real life and to date I don't know why on earth they didn't reply me, whatsoever. As I said, apologizing to people isn't something shameful you do or it's for losers. Frankly, I don't know why they ignored it as a month or so have passed already, although they practice their online activities daily. Sub7an Allah, what do they think? Is it because someone came and apologized to them that they now want to ignorantly being arrogant? I was thinking why they're doing this. I think they just want to make me feel lower than them and be like a loser. Well, lol obviously I'm not a loser and what I did was perfectly the right thing. It's not shame to apologize and gaining reation with people but the real shame is that you don't respond to the people who're trying to be nice with you. It's shame when someone sends you an email or a PM and you don't reply. Myself, I would feel as ignorant as clumsy person if I ignore any person, no matter what. If I'm in their case, the least thing I can do is replying back with anything but not to be rude and arrogant ignoring messages. It's either these two identities felt that I was better than them coming to apologize first. Or else, they don't have morals and respect and their thinking is merely like animals, although animals would feel sorry for them because their reaction is a pathetic excuse to the human being!

Last but not least, to you readers, if you think that I ever misbehaved, mistreated or wasn't that nice to you, I'M VERY SORRY!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I was bored and thought of practicing Adobe Illustrator CS2 more, so I decided to vector cloud's pendant which you all know ;)

Time spent: approx. 2.5 hrs

and here's little gradient effect:

Comments and feedbacks are highly appreciated. Although, I will work on a wallpaper using this design, am relaying on you comments ;)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Just picked one of the great templates at Blogger Templates and made little changes on it.
What do you think of it? A.W.E.S.O.M.E right? :D

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I wrote a tutorial on how to make your own avatar using Adobe Photoshop. The tutorial is very detailed and merely for beginners and photoshop newbie. I hope you will benefit from it and if there is anything you'd like to ask, then please just do.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Tragically, a 17 years old kid has been premeditatedly killed in Nizwa last week. This, for one, has frightened every person in Nizwa, cos in Nizwa you barely hear such incident. I myself got really shocked especially knowing that the murderer is an educated person. Graduated from Sultan School, Master in UK and Ph.D in USA and was working in PDO. I will tell you the scenario that's spread all over Nizwa.

The kid (K) used to date the murderer's housemaid at his house. The murderer noticed the kid housebreaking into his house but he couldn't catch him in the first time. The murderer knew that the kid was dating his housemaid, so he made up a conspiracy with the housemaid and his younger brother to entrap the kid. The night of murder, the kid came over as the maid told him the place is vacant and once he's in, the two (the murderer and his younger brother) ambushed and caught him up. At first the kid tried to compromise but the murderer mercilessly shoot him 3 times in the chest while he was fleeing. The kid turned out to be the murderer's neighbor youngest brother but this is not the end yet. The murderer then called his neighbor telling him that he shoots his brother and asked him to take him out from his house. The victim's poor older brother came and asked the murderer to help him to take him to the hospital but he rudely refused and asked him if he didn't take his brother quickly he'll shoot him too (how blunt?). The kid sorrowfully died after few hours and offenders got caught immediately and confessed about everything.

Now, for god's sake, the kid got killed just because of a housemaid? If you were in the murderer's position what will you do? Do you think he did the right thing? Keeping in mind that the person is not ignoramus but almost got the best education. Who's fault that the kid was dating the housemaid? Don't you think that the murderer has so many alternatives, instead of just kill a 17 years old kid because he was just dating his housemaid?

I personally think that the murderer did perfectly a big mistake. There were so many alternatives he could have had done. One that he can simply call the police and tell them everything without killing and such which is more logic and legitimate. Or firethe housemaid, tell his neighbor that his 17 years old brother is dating his housemaid and should do something about it. I mean there are many other alternatives and the worst (if that's the case) could be giving him piece of his mind to learn the good lesson.

This drastic murder is really frightening since Oman, in Nizwa especially, we don't hear such murders (do we?) I bare my condolence to this kid family and I hope offenders will get the best punishments. I also hope that other families should learn something from this murder, either for their kids and/or carefully from their housemaids.

I'm still shocked hearing this murder happened in Nizwa :(

Monday, June 19, 2006

I think I need to make a good use of my blog for my visitors. Here's something to make y'all get busy with me here. I present t, my first ImageReady Basic Tutorial that I submitted to the famous forum, OMAN3D. I will be going easy on you and I hope you will fully understand each step.

Here's something expected from you to outcome from this tutorial.

ImageReady Tutorial
First make your pizza next to you and get started by then,

1- When you have your desired design done one Photoshop, go to the Tools bar and click on Edit in ImageReady (or click Shift+Ctrl+M)

ImageReady Tutorial

2-Now you have a similar interface as the one for Photoshop. The Animation bar should appear by default, if not press F11 or simply go to Windows and tick on Animation.

3- Select your desired layer(s). For the sake of this tutorial, I chose the Text layer.

ImageReady Tutorial

4-Go to the animation bar and duplicate the current frame. Then, go to the Text layer and change the Opacity to 80%.

ImageReady Tutorial

5-Keep repeating step 4 but with different descending numbers (by 20% in each layer in this tutorial). Once you reach 20% Opacity, make the next frame's Text layer to be 10% instead of 0%. After that, use ascending numbers and stop at 80%. ( because the Text layer in frame 1 is 100%)

6-Now you're almost done and you can play your Animation.

7-If you're not happy with the animation frame time you can always change each frame's timing by clicking under the frame display layer. In my final image, I made the delay on each frame to 0.1 second.

ImageReady Tutorial

8-Save your animation by going to File, Save Optimized As ( Shift+Ctrl+Alt+S) and choose your destination to save. Make sure that the format is of type GIF.

End of the Tutorial.


Please if there is anything that is not clear, then point it out. P.S: show me your work please :D

Enjoy ^_^

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I've finally made it!! Yes, my new blog design. This is my very first attempt on web designing and to be honest, I faced some problems on using Frontpage, 'cause it has been long time since I last used it. I needed to reacquaint, however, frontpage isn't that tough software to learn and use anyway. I almost spent 7 hours on the whole thing(designing the layout and working on frontpage), designing the layout, however, wasn't hard but the tags and variables of blogger was the thing. I want to thank Conceptoo for his help and without him I wouldn't get the trick of keeping the ratio of each cell the way I wanted it.
You, out there, what do you think of my new blog design? ;)