Friday, June 29, 2007

Lucky 13, June 2007

I guess, I succeeded to reduce using the Internet for the past few months and now I am working on a schedule to organize my Internet activities. I know I have been caring less about my blog (when was I that interested? :p) and that’s because I don’t have much to share, besides, I do not have much time for blogging in the first place.

Anyways, things have been unexpectedly awful almost this whole month; June2007. Starting from Gonu that hit Oman at the beginning of this month and the destruction it caused in different areas in the Sultanate, which I assume most of you are aware of. I was one of those philanthropist people who helped packing food and water into trucks for two days after gonu’s mess and in the third day I got a serious back-pain/fatigue which made me bedridden for two days and took me a whole week to recuperate. I felt like my whole spinal column wasn’t there, while I was a bedridden, I couldn’t even move my shoulders and standing up was something as like million knives hitting my back grisly. Yes! I didn’t go to the hospital because I knew it was a matter of time, because the pains only show up when I try to move and the massage thing was a good idea to reduce the pain.

In the 19th of June, a relative of mine died in a horrible car accident in Nizwa. He was stepping his vehicle along with his friend from the road (for god knows why) while a moronic reckless kid in the other side of the way was losing control of his car at a speed estimated above 170km/h smashed my relative and his friend and tore them apart and then died immediately. It was miserable tragedy as both of them were just in the beginning of their twenties but as a Muslim, I believe it was their destiny and no one will live eternally. Surprisingly, another relative in the same day delivered a baby girl in the same time of his death, Sub7an Allah!

In the same day, the 19th of June, I had a missed phone call from unknown number while I was in the funeral. I called back once I reached home and it was a call from MB Petroleum Company. They called to tell me that I will have a job interview the next day at 9AM and to be honest, I was shocked and I told the lady how stupid that you call someone to have an interview in less than 24 hours, but anyway she has nothing to do about it. I then tried to explain to her that I cannot come and do the interview because we have death situation and I asked her to postpone it till next week. The lady then panicked or whatsoever and told me that she’ll call me in few minutes whether my interview can be postponed or not. I waited for her call like 2 hours and she never called so I decided to take off to Muscat and see what these people have for me. Woke up pretty early that day, took shower, passed to a friend of mine and we went together there and we reached their building at like 8:30 in the morning. Just at the gate, I really had bad experience because the guard told us that no one told him that some university students have any interviews in that day, so in that order he didn’t want to let us in at the beginning, but eventually he did. You know, I have this theory that says “if you get bad service in the beginning then don’t expect to have a better one later on” and it works perfectly with me I guess. As we just arrived to the reception there was a dumbass lady who was acting as she's the president of the company and talking to us savagely. We explained to her that we received a call the day before to have an interview in that day but she was carelessly insisting that no interviews are scheduled in that day but then she tried hard to be nice and called some HR staff there. Through her conversation in the phone I could understand that there was denial of any interviews and I knew there would be something worse. The lady then called us and asked for our names and guess what? We spent like half an hour just telling her our names repeatedly because she were working hard to lead us to right person who'd make us the interview and the funny thing that she did ask us our names like 6 times and in the 7th time I wrote our names on a small paper and gave it to her, DUH!. Eventually, we went in to the HR Department and believe me you just don’t want to go there because it was a hassle to find the HR Department. At the end, we reached the guy which the recipient told us to meet, Mr. H. I so heard about how MP Petroleum Company is disreputable and I wasn't sure but in that day, I unequivocally believed everything I heard. As we first reached Mr. H's office, this guy didn’t show any greeting or a single smile on his face and he just checked our names and told us to wait in the conference hall next room. I was telling my friends about my theory and I can expect worse and worse but they were telling me to be patient. Imagine, we all stayed patient for two hours looking at each others, no one came to us or neither we knew what to do. I got completely irritated and so my friends, so we went to this guy, Mr. H, but he wasn’t there and we waited outside his office and few minutes later he showed up. We talked to him asking what’s going on and why they told us to have the interview at 9AM while more than 2 hours from that time we still didn't start the interviews. The guy silently replied asking us to wait for few more minutes till another guy called N who will take us to Production and Project Management Department for our interviews. Till Mr. N came, it took around another 20 minutes for us to stare at each others in the conference room. Once Mr. N arrived, he took us to the second floor in another conference room and told us to wait for 10 minutes till his boss come to interview us. I was almost woozy and so pissed off and I decided that I will be just sarcastic and picky in the interview because I believe on my theory and I won’t expect much from this company. Definitely these people are unpunctual and we wasted another one hour and a half staring at each others boringly waiting for nothing in nowhere. It was a big miracle how patient I was that day and I was just lenient till Mr. N came to us to deliver the bad news. The bad news that it was a mistake when they called us for the interview and they said that our degree is overqualified for the available positions they currently have. My friends and I got really pissed off for all the time we wasted because of them, regardless the inhospitality they showed us. I knew that my theory is just right and my friends believed it then. Worse of the worst, no one came to apologize of anything they did, not the Manager of the Production Department, neither any of the HR staff for this unforgivable mistake. Personally, I just wanted to blow up at any of those top mangers and tell them how disrespectful they are but I zipped my mouth out and went out peacefully deciding to never come back to this place, EVER!

After what happened I immediately decided to go to Nizwa since the 3aza was held there. When I reached almost Fanja, I was speeding in about 140km/h when I started hearing weird sounds from the front of my car and just within few seconds the engine blew up. El7amdellah, I managed to control and stop the car, otherwise I wouldn’t be here typing this post today. I stepped the car over from the highway and luckily in less than a minute my brother passed and saw my car and stopped. As I’m having a bad day, my brother doesn’t have any cable in his car neither there was any place in his Mercedes to place the cable and pull my car to the nearest garage. I made calls here and there and eventually a friend of mine came over and we pulled the car from Fanja till Nizwa and I’m sure you don’t want to experience a situation as bad as this.

Exactly a week later (last Tuesday), my cousin died suddenly while he was taking his breakfast and I think by this tragedy, I understood how June 2007 can be unforgettable month in my whole life. I believe that whatever happened there was/were a reason(s) and that it’s out from our hands because this is what Allah has predestined.
If there is something else I want to mention about June 2007, it's that I logged in to EnglishSabla and I was dumbfounded on how many posts I missed since my last visit. I'm not sure why I came back to that place but I don't think I will be active much.

I have something for you from Mr. Family Guy here, please enjoy it :D!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Random Pictures

I think it has been more than a week since my last post, so I will talk briefly about what I have been to since then till now.

Nizwa Rain (31/05/2007): Last week, I went to Nizwa after I finished my exams and studies at SQU and surprisingly the weather was just amazing and wonderful. The next day we had cloudy weather in the morning and at around 3:00PM, it rained heavily and we even had sleet falling. I have taken few pics and I'm leaving you with them. Enjoy ;)

NOTE: All pictures were taken personally by me. Camera used: Canon IXUS 800. Please double click to see full view.
Apparently, it was sleeting hard

Too cold

It even reached inside our house

Wadi after that heavily raining and sleeting

More from the Wadi

Camping Trip (Masirah 2-3/06/2007): YES! Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Graduates 2007 organized a camping trip to Masirah and I joined them and I must admit that I had real fun and I'm sure I won't forget this day since I know that I'm not going to meet all of them more frequent as we used back in school. I was there from Saturday and came back on Sunday's night. Here are few pics from Masirah.

Center of Masirah from the sea


Wonderful, isn't it?

My tent lol

Guess who we met?

Look closer on who's enjoying the romantic weather xD

Cyclone Gonu (4-7/06/2007): I'm sure most of you know about this catastrophic event which made a lot of serious damages in some places in Oman like Muscat, Sur, Quraiyat, Amerat and I think some places in Barkaa, too. I believe Oman hasn't ever experienced such cyclone as this before, however, most of residents were less vigilant and completely not precautious even after official alarm from the Royal Oman Police (ROP). Anyway, when I first heard that Oman is possibly going to be hit by cyclone on Monday, my family and I decided to evacuate and we actually evacuated to Nizwa. Thankfully, and talking cylcone gonu aftereffects, Nizwa hasn't been damaged as serious as other places as I mentioned above. Here are some pics that I took frequently.
Tuesday afternoon: 5:00PM from the top of my house

Tuesday: sunset

Wednesday, after Fajir prayer around 5:15AM

Nizwa Suq and the Wadi was passing nearby

The other side of the Wadi

Cool weather and pic, eh?

A top view for the Wadi

Wednesday: sunset

Thursday, finally the sun rays