Thursday, April 26, 2007

Job Seeking

Probably, most of you know that I’m very busy with my school, since it’s my final year at SQU. Already, five weeks to go and I will be FREE and no more stuff like “Homework’s, Essays, Assignments, etc”. I’m not going to post about my experiences in the whole past years as a student; I will leave it to my next post. For now, I am going to talk about my ‘job-seeking’ phase.

It’s really a tiring and exhausting phase that I assume graduates only know about. It’s about your career, your future that should go along with your plans (if you have any lol). As an engineer, I must have a competitive and challenging position and definitely at a competitive and high class company. Why am I saying this? Because I believe that as a graduate we need more experience, more of practical real-life problems than those which we were studying, facing and solving at school analytically. Basically, big companies doubtlessly have those challenging positions that the type of person (like me) who likes to take that opportunity to improve his/her skills for better experiences and understanding of the workplace. I wouldn’t say that small companies don’t have challenging positions, but the more variety you have, the better chances that you can gain more experiences, am I right?

Finding an engineering challenging position, specifically for my discipline (Industrial Engineering), would be within those Oil and Gas Service and Supply Companies or Manufacturing and Management Companies. I have attended courses on how to apply for jobs, writing proper CV, application letter and preparation for interviews. Those courses were moderately helpful so far and I believe I have done a good CV and application letter.
Most likely, I will be done with school at the end of this May, exactly 28th of May, so for this sake, I started applying for jobs since the end of last February, because I just don’t want to stay at home doing nothing and all procrastinating and sleeping all the time. I’m ready even to work the next day after my final exam, yes I am that excited and motivated, and I just wanna start and see how engineering life does look like in action. But, in the same time, I first wanna know which company or organization I would be hired to, because till now no company responded to me except two, Weatherford and Schlumberger. The companies that I’ve already applied to are:
· University of Florida (for Master's Degree)
· Weatherford

Almost, these are the companies that I applied for a job to, and guess what? No one responded except Weatherford (had first interview last Monday), and Schlumberger (No available position for me in the meanwhile). It’s really not easy phase, all waiting for a call or an email to know whether your application is accepted or not. It’s a desperate phase if I may say, some of the students in my department got responses from the same companies I applied to, and you know whenever I receive a call from new number, I got excited and I reply immediately but desperately and sadly, the call isn’t from any companies that I applied for. Some time, I get impatient and I wanna call each company and ask them why I didn’t get a response yet, but I thought it might give bad impressions about my personality that I am impatient person, so I think I will just move on and wait till that day I get a call for the position that is awaiting me. I wish it will be a position that would suit me as a person who like having challenging responsibilities, a person who has good leadership skills, analytical skills, communication skills and managerial skills, too!

Do you have any suggested company(ies) or organization(s) in your head that would suit a fresh Industrial Engineering graduate?
All kind of helps are so much appreciated ^_^

Thank you