Monday, May 04, 2009

Goodbye Texas

It was really a blast being in Texas for the last two weeks with friends who really made me enjoy my time more than the last time I stayed in Houston. The classes were a bit exhausting but I had fun, too. We were having theoretical and practical classes as back and forth, so that when you're in the practical, you'd see the theoretical part in action. What matters, is I've really understood and learned a lot about the tool I came to be trained to; OverDrive™ System. Later, I'll be, hopefully, going to another training for one of the lastest technologies in the oilfield; these are Drilling with Casing (DwC™), Drilling while Reaming (DwR™) and Drilling with Liners (DwL™).
Apart from the classes, the weekend before last weekend, my classmates and I went to Austin and it was just amazing trip. The night life in Austin is way too much better than in Houston, it's just vivacious and active. This is the famous Lady Bird Lake (aka: Town Lake)

Last weekend, three of my other Omani friends and myself went to NASA Johnson's Space Center Houston. I didn't really enjoy much but I loved the weather there and we cruised around Galveston for like 2 hours; such awesome seaside town. A photo from the NASA Space Center:

I never imagined in my whole life I'd be doing a crazy shopping one day, but guess what? I just did. :D I went to Galleria Mall and I shopped almost over $3000 (knowing the fact that I'm the least person on earth interested on shopping xD). I bought kids outfits for my nephew and nieces, D&G sunglasses, MontBlanc sunglasses, handbags from Gucci, 4 jeans and 5 shirts from AE and most importantly, L'Homme set from Yves Saint Laurent (YSL <3).

I will surely come back here again, since my company's headquarter is actually based in Houston. 4 Hours left to my flight, see you at the other part of the world guys.