Wednesday, December 17, 2008


A young Lebanese man started tagging bloggers of his list and the tagged bloggers tag their people on their list and so forth for the loop. It happened that I got tagged by Muggle, although I usually ignore such tagging posts but just this one and this time:

1- List down 5 things people probably didn't know about you
2- Tag atleast three people

  1. I'm allergic to all kind of seafood.
  2. I've never fell in love. *sigh*
  3. I have got the least results in high school between my siblings but thankfully I managed to be studying Engineering at SQU.
  4. Sports and Politics are the least topics that interest me.
  5. I have an odd characteristic; loner yet very outgoing.

Sorry Muggle, but I only have Noor who has not been tagged by other bloggers. So, Noor you're tagged!


UPDATE: I thought of adding another more 5 things :D

  1. I'm the mid child between my siblings.
  2. I failed grade 10. (lol whatever :p)
  3. I'm very good when it comes to sarcasm.
  4. I'm a very punctual person.
  5. I can be as stoic as blunt when it comes to emotions.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's over..

Yes, I'm almost done with my training program and exams and I'm going home this Monday inshallah. I'll be resuming to work in Oman Office on the 20th of Dec, next Saturday but I am literally not that much excited. I completed more than a year in the company and till now I didn't take my annual leave which explains that I'm enjoying what I am doing but for the very last three months, I don't seem to be.

Amjad is done with his exams and yesterday we went out for a dinner with some of my friends. I was planning to stay longer with him, but due to some changes in my first plan (too stay in the US for longer time) has changed, so everything changed. My flight is on Monday afternoon and it's going to be a long flight; 21 hours. I'm looking forward for it, since I'll be having more time to read my current reading novel (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo ).

One of my older brothers' birthday is coming up soon and I'm the worst person when it comes on choosing a gift. I decided to go and get him a laptop since his current laptop is kinda outdated and already damaged by his daughters. I chose the Dell Inspiron 1525 which was on sales by $599 from Best Buy stores. I think it is fair enough for his daily personal uses since he is a pediatrist (as consultant).

I have nothing to do till Monday afternoon and I'm literally bored watching animes, movies, chatting on MSN, shopping but not very bored with sleeping. *muhahahahahaha*

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow in Houston?

This is really unusual to see snow in Houston, because it doesn't happen very often. Yesterday was really cold and the temperature reached almost 3C'. It happened that Amjad came from the northwest of Texas, from Lubback (which is very cold at this time of the year) to stay with his brother and it seems he brought the curse from there :P. It's expected that the weather would be getting warmer by tomorrow and back to normal the day after.

UPDATE: pictures have been added.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


This is my first time in my whole entire life to spend Eid away from family away from my country; it doesn't feel Eid at all. I didn't really do anything much to mention in the first day except visiting a friend and staying at his place till midnight and that's it. I have been all watching movies, sleeping or maybe chit-chatting on MSN with friends. I don't have classes till Thursday, so you can imagine how bored I am till Thursday. Meanwhile, I'm downloading the second movie of Azumi; the first part was one of my all-the-time-favorite-movies. This is the trailer of the first part:

The one I'm downloading now is the second one: Azumi, Death or Love

This movie reminds me of one of my other all-the-time-favorite-movies, which is called Shinobi. Here's the trailer:

I'm thinking of buying a new Nintendo Wii, just for the sake to play Naruto Shippuuden Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX2. Check the Trailer:

YES, I so much love fighting games. :D

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Houston, TX !

It's been almost a month since I arrived to the U.S.A, specifically to Houston in Texas. I'm here for a training program in the Weatherford WTTC under the Fishing & Re-entry Services classes. I pretty much like it here and how systematic the life is, however, it can get nasty when there is a traffic jam which you really don't want to experience. People here drive very safely and in order, sadly unlike in Oman. No one honks you at the traffic lights, no one flashing you with full lights if you're driving slow, no one is interfering your business and so forth.
Through my interaction with Texans people, I noticed the majority of them are very racist and they can be super sarcastic even about other people from other States, although they're from their own country. I know it happens the same in my country but very minor! One of the most shocking thing that happpened here and freaked me out is a raping crime. A 40 years old black man who's infected with HIV raped an old white 69 years old man in front of his house at 8:00 AM in the morning and infected him with HIV, too! How could it be any less insecure? Is this racism? Insanity? What exactly? Such a real madness!
Anyways, I'm staying in the Crown Plaza and during the weekdays, I'm completely lonely and I do not go out since classes finish at 5 PM. However, in weekends or breaks, I do go to one of my SQU mates' place (who's here for two years working for OXY) and meet other Arabs in a coffee shop, a mall or a restaurant. It happened that we went to Dallas two weeks ago and to San Antonio last week. I had fun in Dallas but in San Antonio I didn't really enjoy because we went there during the Thanksgiving holidays and most shops and malls were closed. I did a lot of shopping in the BlackFriday they have which is basically crazy sales (up to 75%) for most of the designer wears and most of the people went into shopping madness.
I'm glad I made it here and made some friends from Lousiana, New Mexico, Mexico, Colombia and even some from Norway. I'm enjoying my classes and I'm planning to go back to Oman with full confidence to run some operations independently. I just feel like I need to spend some time more with dressing and undressing couple of complicated fishing tools and go out with experienced Fishing Supervisors and then, I'll definitely start running operations alone, thereafter.