Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Random Pictures

I think it has been more than a week since my last post, so I will talk briefly about what I have been to since then till now.

Nizwa Rain (31/05/2007): Last week, I went to Nizwa after I finished my exams and studies at SQU and surprisingly the weather was just amazing and wonderful. The next day we had cloudy weather in the morning and at around 3:00PM, it rained heavily and we even had sleet falling. I have taken few pics and I'm leaving you with them. Enjoy ;)

NOTE: All pictures were taken personally by me. Camera used: Canon IXUS 800. Please double click to see full view.
Apparently, it was sleeting hard

Too cold

It even reached inside our house

Wadi after that heavily raining and sleeting

More from the Wadi

Camping Trip (Masirah 2-3/06/2007): YES! Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Graduates 2007 organized a camping trip to Masirah and I joined them and I must admit that I had real fun and I'm sure I won't forget this day since I know that I'm not going to meet all of them more frequent as we used back in school. I was there from Saturday and came back on Sunday's night. Here are few pics from Masirah.

Center of Masirah from the sea


Wonderful, isn't it?

My tent lol

Guess who we met?

Look closer on who's enjoying the romantic weather xD

Cyclone Gonu (4-7/06/2007): I'm sure most of you know about this catastrophic event which made a lot of serious damages in some places in Oman like Muscat, Sur, Quraiyat, Amerat and I think some places in Barkaa, too. I believe Oman hasn't ever experienced such cyclone as this before, however, most of residents were less vigilant and completely not precautious even after official alarm from the Royal Oman Police (ROP). Anyway, when I first heard that Oman is possibly going to be hit by cyclone on Monday, my family and I decided to evacuate and we actually evacuated to Nizwa. Thankfully, and talking cylcone gonu aftereffects, Nizwa hasn't been damaged as serious as other places as I mentioned above. Here are some pics that I took frequently.
Tuesday afternoon: 5:00PM from the top of my house

Tuesday: sunset

Wednesday, after Fajir prayer around 5:15AM

Nizwa Suq and the Wadi was passing nearby

The other side of the Wadi

Cool weather and pic, eh?

A top view for the Wadi

Wednesday: sunset

Thursday, finally the sun rays


Nella said...

sugoi! you've got some really nice shots there..

and that cool weather and pic, eh? picture is really cool lol.

good thing you didn't take destruction pics..
that would've been depressing..

i've had enough of those :(

sweetness said...

Great time and great trip too , eh ?

Nice you joined ur week ;)

Nice blog you got, BTW : I added to my friends list =)


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XGirL said...

nice shots you got there F_H

Bonita said...

Nice Blog & amazing shots ..
btw are you from Nizwa :P ?

Elagante said...

7amdellah 3ala salamat Nizwa wo ahalha... but i don't understand how it reached there,...? elmohem it's gone...

Fast_HacKinG said...

Thanks guys :D