Monday, May 28, 2007

I graduated


Done? Am I really done?? No more exams? No more assignments? No more Homeworks? Quizzes? Essays? Projects?? No more?? No more classes?? Is it believeable? I mean, more than 17 years all studying books and books?? And today it's over? Does it mean I'm getting a relief? Freedom?? Wo0o0o0o0oW..................


Officially from a Student to Industrial Engineer (what a feeling ^_^ )

Hold, I wanna scream one more time:




XGirL said...

What a relief ^_^ ..

I`ll dead there for more 6 years lol

XGirL said...

I cant edit that comment or what lol .. I meant Die for more 6 years

Amjad said...

Hey man .. Alf alf alf Mabrook :-)

Congratulations on this great achievement man.

Fast_HacKinG said...

XGirL: Thanks a lot. Are you an SQU student by any change? Which college??

Amjad: Hoya, how are you doing man?? You graduated too, right? Alf Alf mabrook to you too, brother. I didn't know you have blog, I mean you blog too ;)

Thanks alot ^_^

Amjad said...

fast hacking: yeah, I graduated from high school :-D Thanks a lot.

And yeah, I just started blogging last February :-p

Nella said...

Mabroook! ^_^ Mr.Engineer

what a feeling? as in it feels good?

i don't know how would i feel when I'll become a real teacher..I'll probably panic at first lol

Freedom? isn't it more of a responsibility when you graduate? you and all?
i've been thinking about it for quite sometime..and it makes me wanna do Masters xD
umm,..nevermind lol

a7medino said...

Congratulations man. No matter what you do, dont end up gay like me

Lonely said...

CongratsSs & All the best in the new life that is awaiting you!

Amjad said...

nzain u're done with college now, keep your blog updated la .. :-p

Anonymous said...

Mabrook Graduate
do i know you lol ?

Lym said...


Fast_HacKinG said...

Amjad: I'm so happy for you brother, I really wish you graduate with high grades and join SQU.And welcome to blog-world. Seems you are blogging-aholic ;)

Nella-San: Well yeah, more responsibilities but guess what? I am not a kid or a teenager anymore, I'm a whole independent man and the is the nature of life, I guess XD.I considered doing my Masters and I even applied at Univesity of Florida, but unfortunately they accepted only one student through all applicant from SQU. Finishing studies is more of a relief, I tell you, and I really can't give much expression about it, but the real happiness would come when I get a respectful job. Thank you ^_^

A7medino: My unknown neighbor :p , although I don't get what you mean ending up gay like you :D Thanks >_<

Lonely: Wooha! Where have you been? Long time no see! Thanks for your wishes and all the best to you too. Thank you

Anonymous: I'm sure you do, thanks anyway ;)

Lym: Thanks and 3u8baleek, thanks for passing by. :D