Friday, October 27, 2006

Golly!! I knew that something forthcoming this Eid, something bad and horrible. I'm not a pessimistic person but I had the feeling even before Eid started. It happened that I have been hospitalized for the first time in my whole life since I was born. I had some periumbulical abdominal pain, which was almost killing me like hell.

The first of Eid was fun as usual, went to our newest farm took the Lexus and kids with me for the 3iyood (yea in Nizwa we call it 3iyood). I know that I haven't eaten any meat in the first day, but I had some "Harees" and ate some "fustuq", too. Before I go to bed, I felt some slight pain in my stomach and I thought that will be gone tomorrow the other day when I wake up. Unexpectedly, I kept waking up at night sweating but without feeling any pain, and then when I fully woke up in the morning I felt a horrible pain that you cannot imagine. I woke up yelling from the pain, I felt like something eating my stomach and every part in my abdomen. I immediately went to the bathroom and whatever happened next I felt better. I, then, thought that the pain has gone and now I can go and eat some meat and so I did. When it was noon time, I felt the pain again but this time I was extremely sweltering and like the sun is 1 inch above. I was at my room and I couldn't call anyone, actually I couldn't even talk or scream and as the pain gradually goes I became to be able to go and take some pill from mum and drink some honey. I wasn't able to eat anything hence then because I was nauseated, fevered and almost subconscious. I tried to sleep but I couldn't till after Ma'3reeb prayer but then again the pain came and that time it was a strike. My brother immediately took me to the hospital and the fun starts here. In Nizwa we have polyclinic and main hospital (Nizwa Hospital). The polyclinic is closer to our house but my brother immediately took me to NH and once we arrived there, the recipient asked me where I am from and I was like 'duh! I'm from Nizwa' and he asked me which area in Nizwa and I told him Al3ain, and then he said sorry then you cannot see the Dr. here, go to the polyclinic first and if your condition is in emergency then they'll transfer you to here because this is the rules awain. I was like "WTF", and I told him ok I'm not from Nizwa I'm from Muscat, he then kept quiet and just said 'sorry'. I lost my temper and I became completely off. I mean, what the hell, I arrived to the hospital already, why should I go to the polyclinic anyway? Anyhwwz, I asked my brother to go to private clinic but sadly and weirdly all of them were closed and I was shocked, so I eventually went to this polyclinic and there another fun happened.

I arrived there around 9.30 PM and it was completely crowded and like bedlam. There was no hope I can see the Dr. because they close at 11 but what happened that I fainted and since then I can't remember anything till I woke up at home yesterday morning. I can't believe that I fainted, lol I never fainted before and what's amusing that when I became conscious I can't remember a thing. I can't believe that I have been injected, injection is my greatest fear besides scorpions. I have been injected like 6 times and I have been transferred to NH. Weird, I can't remember anything after I fainted but it was like in a nightmare and the only thing that I can remember is seeing my Mum and hearing the voice of a special person to me. My mum was with me all the time, fdaiteh ana, she was so worried about me, she thought that I might have the "dooda zaiday" and I might have an operation or something. She told me that I wasn't like someone who's sick, I was blurting stupid things, foul-mouthed especially when the nurse injected me, because I called her "you shit". LoL, I swear I don't remember because if I was really conscious I wouldn't let anyone to inject me, kill me and don't inject me, even I'm in about to die, albeit (*yuk*). I can't believe the stories that mum told me when I was in the hospital, I made fun of the Dr., I shut up some kids crying next bed, asking for TV, complaining about bad service and so on. I can't remember anything and I asked my brother (Consultant Pediatrician at MoDH) why I was acting insanely like that and he just said that's because of the fever that caused me subconsciousness. I wish there was a camera recorded me, lol I wanna see how I was looking :p. All what I care that I have been cherished by a special person, yes she my Mum and how much she was with me the whole time and cared about me. I love you Mum. ^_^

For now, al7amdellah I almost feel no pain and I don't think that I'm going to eat any junky food any soon, not even after two weeks. I rather eat some healthy food you know, fruits and fresh homemade food.

Anyway, this Eid Alfiter was another bad one, as just the last one when my 14 years old second cousin died in horrible car accident. This year, I became ill and guess what? I have exams, actually not only exams, quizzes, assignments, etc etc. But you know what? I don't care, I'll just do my best now and see how it goes.

I hope y'all enjoyed your Eid, inshallah elshar ma yjeekom :)


tomboy said...

oh what an eid!

Anonymous said...

Salamaat! ma tshoof sharr
I hope you will do well with the upcoming tests and quizes :)
Wishing you all the best..

Fast_HacKinG said...

Thank you guys :)