Saturday, October 14, 2006

The most blogging-aholic person in the Internet, 3ANOODA, added me to her tagging list to post my background wallpaper. Here we go, 3anooda, and thanks for tagging.

OH yeah! Guys, I'm still alive ;)


3anooda said...

DUDE!!! WTF?? i can feel so much pain and heartbreak through ur background pic!!! OUCH.

PS. thanks for the intro

Fast_HacKinG said...

I feel offended now :( why everyone hates my wallpaper? :(

LoL, 3anooda, com'n what's wrong with my wallpaper :D oh hold a second, you're a girl right? no wonders :p~

3anooda said...

i dont hate it but for some reason i was just a bit shocked by it. LOL. its growing on me

Fast_HacKinG said...

Or else, because the wallpaper shows some blood, eeh? ;)


3anooda said...

no i think its because of the cuts on the arm and the face. gives me the impression that it was done with a samurai sword. brings back memories of going to the movies to watch KILL BILL

tomboy said...

whoa blood! i love it!
i would put sumthin like that on mine, but then my mum would think i have issues.

Degoat said...

This is not Blood+, what anime is this?!


Anonymous said...


Nice BG mate!!! which anime is it from!!

wee another anime freak like me

Fast_HacKinG said...

3noodaaaz: Haha, Samurai sword and KILL BILL? They're related? :p

tomboy: Yeah, it's nice wallpaper and now it's my first time to know that girl liked such wallpapers :p Welcome to my blog anyway and you have been added to my blogmates list ;)

Degoat & Red Dragon: I am an anime freak too and that wallpaper isn't a Blood+ wallpaper, it's actually hellshin though.

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