Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I thought of changing my desktop since 3anooda 'thinks' it's kinda scary lol. Besides, I loved this image, it's firstly include my dream car with my fave color (Honda S2000, sky blue), secondly it's very well taken and thirdly it's HONDA, means Japanese made ;)

3anooda, ha aish ra2ek?
And guys what do you think, too? ;-)

PS: Tomboy has been added to my blogmate!


Anonymous said...


Y changing it... just because some one told you he doesnt like it!!!

tsk tsk

3anooda said...

just when it was growing on me. LOL. i didnt hate it. but this one is boring. ya3ni im sure u can get better pics of the S2000 than this one.

YaziE said...

People are just to please lol

Fast_HacKinG said...

Yazie: am I too nice? *rolleyes*


3anooda, that's special addition of HONDA S2000. PS: I'm crazy about the blue sky color, so that wallpaper is amazing to me :D

Red Dragon: Actually, it's not like that, I just felt like changing it, and 3nooda's comment was a motive :p

Anonymous said...

Yea really!!! /=

Anonymous said...

ur blog is soo 5ayss & nat nice 9ara7a just being honest

Anonymous said...

That was my comment above . hi again . sorry :p ur blog is cool & 7amas