Sunday, August 06, 2006

I was bored and thought of practicing Adobe Illustrator CS2 more, so I decided to vector cloud's pendant which you all know ;)

Time spent: approx. 2.5 hrs

and here's little gradient effect:

Comments and feedbacks are highly appreciated. Although, I will work on a wallpaper using this design, am relaying on you comments ;)


DiJo said...

Ah that's like detailed and the curves are smooth would have taken me days :P.. Reminds me of this OLD avatar conceptoo had back at OS, it's probably the tiger ..
Well done :D.. I love plain black more that the one with the gradient though :D!.. Keep them coming Fast, I love your work, they are just like rare butterflies :D!

Fast_HacKinG said...

Thank you Dijo, your words are encouraging :D

Well, Conceptoo also vectored the same pendant but not as detailed as mine I guess. It wasn't a tiger what he was using on his avatar (and current avatar in O3D), actually it's cloud's wolf pendant, just like the one I vectored.

It was seriously pain in the ass to smoothen the lines, curves and everything. Working in a big canvas is headache but at the end you want to come up with something close to perfect ;)

I'm quite happy with my work, one of my "good" works. Wait for the wallpaper guys :D

DiJo said...

Ahh my bad, can't really remember the avatar though all what I know it had many smooth lines and it's red :P!..
and yes we'll be waiting for the wallpaper :D!.

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