Friday, July 28, 2006

Just picked one of the great templates at Blogger Templates and made little changes on it.
What do you think of it? A.W.E.S.O.M.E right? :D


Solidus said...

Indeeeeeeeeeeeeed.. Kewl..! But if you made one with the fast hacking touch it would've been cooler.. Start working :P

SimSim said...

Yaaah blogger templates...I got my template from there...pretty dashin template I must say ;)

Lonely said...

cutie layout..I like it

Fast_HacKinG said...

Thank you guys!

I will definitely design mine, I mean still with the Grey Dragon but with little touches.

I will see what I can do, I need more time :)

a7MeDiNo said...

Thanks FH, but im askign for more help. Can you help me with my template? I want something good. either Rednblack or my new fever: aQua.

Anyways, I'd also like to add this "blogmates" and "shoutbox" to my blog

Thanks :)

P.S. Add me to ur blogmates