Friday, July 07, 2006

Tragically, a 17 years old kid has been premeditatedly killed in Nizwa last week. This, for one, has frightened every person in Nizwa, cos in Nizwa you barely hear such incident. I myself got really shocked especially knowing that the murderer is an educated person. Graduated from Sultan School, Master in UK and Ph.D in USA and was working in PDO. I will tell you the scenario that's spread all over Nizwa.

The kid (K) used to date the murderer's housemaid at his house. The murderer noticed the kid housebreaking into his house but he couldn't catch him in the first time. The murderer knew that the kid was dating his housemaid, so he made up a conspiracy with the housemaid and his younger brother to entrap the kid. The night of murder, the kid came over as the maid told him the place is vacant and once he's in, the two (the murderer and his younger brother) ambushed and caught him up. At first the kid tried to compromise but the murderer mercilessly shoot him 3 times in the chest while he was fleeing. The kid turned out to be the murderer's neighbor youngest brother but this is not the end yet. The murderer then called his neighbor telling him that he shoots his brother and asked him to take him out from his house. The victim's poor older brother came and asked the murderer to help him to take him to the hospital but he rudely refused and asked him if he didn't take his brother quickly he'll shoot him too (how blunt?). The kid sorrowfully died after few hours and offenders got caught immediately and confessed about everything.

Now, for god's sake, the kid got killed just because of a housemaid? If you were in the murderer's position what will you do? Do you think he did the right thing? Keeping in mind that the person is not ignoramus but almost got the best education. Who's fault that the kid was dating the housemaid? Don't you think that the murderer has so many alternatives, instead of just kill a 17 years old kid because he was just dating his housemaid?

I personally think that the murderer did perfectly a big mistake. There were so many alternatives he could have had done. One that he can simply call the police and tell them everything without killing and such which is more logic and legitimate. Or firethe housemaid, tell his neighbor that his 17 years old brother is dating his housemaid and should do something about it. I mean there are many other alternatives and the worst (if that's the case) could be giving him piece of his mind to learn the good lesson.

This drastic murder is really frightening since Oman, in Nizwa especially, we don't hear such murders (do we?) I bare my condolence to this kid family and I hope offenders will get the best punishments. I also hope that other families should learn something from this murder, either for their kids and/or carefully from their housemaids.

I'm still shocked hearing this murder happened in Nizwa :(


Solidus said...

Hmm.. This is the first time that I hear that someone actually got killed here, usually in the Sham countries people get shot for no reason, and the police can't really wipe the towns there, but this is "OMAN", these things aren't supposed to happen..

Maybe this is just the beginning for something new.. God knows..

Fast_HacKinG said...

Yeah exactly!!

Allah y3een bs, who knows what will happen in the future if such murders increase in Oman :S

Fast_HacKinG said...

Yeah exactly!!

Allah y3een bs, who knows what will happen in the future if such murders increase in Oman :S

TI3GIB said...

Just remember, the nature of our society's tradition and ideology. The victim probably wasn't killed over the maid, but for breaching the of killer's house, and breaking it's security. Even though it's unfair to say "Just over a maid" like you did, the maid is a human being as well and fell for sin, but that doesn't mean she's stripped from all her human dignity.

Noor said...

hvnt heard of this one! and I live here :O anyways well, it's aweful! and scary, things like this just don't happen here!