Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Two fines in two days

I can't believe that I received 2 fines in two days and all that because of my car windows' film. I'm using Johnson Window Films GSN 30 for the back and side windows and 0% reflective in the windoscreen. What happened that yesterday it was cloudy and when it's cloudy, this film really makes my car look very dark inside and you barely can see through. I was going to SQU and there we have this gate before you get inside, and there, one of those freaky picky policemen stopped me and asked for my license and car registration and rudely and ridiculously signed me a fine because of my windows film without negotiating or anything.

ME: What's this?
Policeman: Please sir, sign here.
ME: What for? What's that? Excessive usage of windows film 30% + ? How comes?
Policeman: This is the rules and sorry I can't help you.
ME: I'm not asking for help, but my windows film is not more than 30% and it's a branded windows film.
Policeman: O.K, you don't want to sign here then please take it off from your car, NOW!
ME: WTF? where to sign please!

Seriously, I tried to explain to him that this windows film is licensed and that it looked more reflective just because of the weather and bla bla bla, but apparently that guy seemed so ignorant and merely uneducated!

Today again, I came the same terminal and the same thing happened but guess what this time? They give me a fine again, because my front window is filmed and seriously I can't believe that they even gave me a fine for that. I mean it's 0% for GOD'S SAKE, what's bothering them? I couldn't talk more with these people, they're literally ignorant and awain they told me windows film of any kind in the front window is strictly NOT ALLOWED! Yeah not allowed my ass!

~ This is stupid, I mean why windows film is not allowed on cars? Whether 100%, 50% or whatever, it's not their CARS and there is nothing that could harm having windows film on your car. It actually protects you from many rays and bla bla bla bla.
Ouff suckers! I hate them!!


XGirL said...

oh tell me about it, I cant bear seeing any policeman anymore anywhere .. for some reason lol :P I get pissed off & my mood changes ,, just because of them :P

Red Dragon said...


you need lessons in negotiations with the police!!!

I learnt that after so many trials and errors!!! :)

well you need to stand firm on wht u do with them!!! They cant just give you a stupid ticket for something that is not correct,,

3anooda said...

u dont know how to deal with cops thats why. awalan they have a machine that measures. so u should have just told me to measure it right there in front of u or otherwise u will go with him to the markaz. or he should call his superior then and there and u are willing to wait. ma5aneeth hathaila. excuse my french

TripleTee said...

it's not allowed because it darkens the car screen and makes the clarity or efficiency of see the road outside less.

if it's about education you should know that :P

TripleTee said...

of seeing I meant... pardon

Fast_HacKinG said...

Hey Tee :P ,,, sawalf enti :P Are you planning to be a policewoman? Just kidding :D

I know that very well, but it doesn't darken that much in a way that I cannot see the road clearly. 30% of windows' film is quite a fair percentage for the car, it's not that dark neighter that light (or transparent)