Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy National Day

Happy National Day to you ALL. May Allah give His Majesty, Qaboos Bin Said, the full health and live longer.
Such a great ruler and admirable person, we LOVE YOU all, Mawlana. I really can't wait for the Coffee Party ^_^


Solidus said...

Have fun in the national day..! It'll be a nice holiday :D

Kaire said...


Yaah toaday is a great day ^^ I'm so happy ..We celebrate at the school and I'm so exaited for the holiday ...^*

Have fun all of you guys ...^^

Anonymous said...


national day,,,

didnt do ny thing in it

Arabian Princess said...

Happy National Day .. I love Baba Qaboos so much too :)

Anonymous said...


stop sucking up :P