Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's over..

Yes, I'm almost done with my training program and exams and I'm going home this Monday inshallah. I'll be resuming to work in Oman Office on the 20th of Dec, next Saturday but I am literally not that much excited. I completed more than a year in the company and till now I didn't take my annual leave which explains that I'm enjoying what I am doing but for the very last three months, I don't seem to be.

Amjad is done with his exams and yesterday we went out for a dinner with some of my friends. I was planning to stay longer with him, but due to some changes in my first plan (too stay in the US for longer time) has changed, so everything changed. My flight is on Monday afternoon and it's going to be a long flight; 21 hours. I'm looking forward for it, since I'll be having more time to read my current reading novel (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo ).

One of my older brothers' birthday is coming up soon and I'm the worst person when it comes on choosing a gift. I decided to go and get him a laptop since his current laptop is kinda outdated and already damaged by his daughters. I chose the Dell Inspiron 1525 which was on sales by $599 from Best Buy stores. I think it is fair enough for his daily personal uses since he is a pediatrist (as consultant).

I have nothing to do till Monday afternoon and I'm literally bored watching animes, movies, chatting on MSN, shopping but not very bored with sleeping. *muhahahahahaha*

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