Tuesday, December 09, 2008


This is my first time in my whole entire life to spend Eid away from family away from my country; it doesn't feel Eid at all. I didn't really do anything much to mention in the first day except visiting a friend and staying at his place till midnight and that's it. I have been all watching movies, sleeping or maybe chit-chatting on MSN with friends. I don't have classes till Thursday, so you can imagine how bored I am till Thursday. Meanwhile, I'm downloading the second movie of Azumi; the first part was one of my all-the-time-favorite-movies. This is the trailer of the first part:

The one I'm downloading now is the second one: Azumi, Death or Love

This movie reminds me of one of my other all-the-time-favorite-movies, which is called Shinobi. Here's the trailer:

I'm thinking of buying a new Nintendo Wii, just for the sake to play Naruto Shippuuden Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX2. Check the Trailer:

YES, I so much love fighting games. :D


G-chan said...

Kul 3am wa enta b5air and 3eed sa3eed. Sad to hear that you're not having as much fun as you should but I don't blame you since you're not in your home country with your family! =)

I checked out the trailer for the game and Oh wow it looks damn amazing!!! Everything is just like in the anime, the moves and all! AMAZING!!

Loved Neji's, Rock-lee *heart*, Shikamaru with Asuma (this is troublesome =P), Hinata, Garaa, and Itachi vs. Sasuke fights. They were awesome!

Love how they talk as well!


Kage bunshin nu jutsu "Get this game"!!!!


Have fun!

Fast_HacKinG said...

G-Chan: I also loved Naruto vs Sasuke; it looked like as in the anime. :P

G-chan said...

Especially when they were at the waterfall!
Damnation that's amazing!!