Wednesday, July 18, 2007

O3D iPod Competition - Voting Session.

Oman3D iPod Competition

I participated at O3D iPod Competition, and now it's a voting session. The entries seem challenging and the voting is opened for registered members. You can register and vote for the best design in this thread (click here). My work is #1 in the poll list, named as Abdullah Al-Adawi (click here to see my design). I made that quickly but I hope I can get your vote.


UPDATE: I just wanted to clarify that I didn't ask anyone to vote for my work in particular. My above post is very clear stating to vote for the best design and at the end I kindly hope to have your vote, not to vote for my work compulsorily. I'm very irritated that some people think I am cheating by posting this thread on my blog or asking some forums' buddies to participate voting on that poll. I didn't ask anyone to vote for my design, I simply asked to vote for the best design because I don't don't give a damn about winning the prize, 'cause I'm not into iPod's anyway. All what I wanted is to have more people to vote on that poll, it worth having more people helping to vote and make the voting session more competitive between the three entries. P.S.: I asked the administration team whether or not if it's possible to ask other people to participate voting on that poll and the answer was positive; it's possible. Whoever think that I am trying to push people to vote for me, please cut the crap!

Thanks to every person who voted for my entry, I truly appreciate the time and considerations.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I registered and voted. good luck

Fast_HacKinG said...

Amnah, Thanks a lot for your vote, truly appreciated ^_^

Meticulousness said...

I recall having an account held in but I haven’t been there for a long time now. Wish I could vote but if I was to log in, I might be more than fair and vote for the best. Not saying that your work isn’t an eye candy 'cause I yet haven't been through all of the designs. Though, I wish upon you a happy day and a fair win.

Fast_HacKinG said...

Mysterious, yoooo!! Long time no see man. Where have you been? You magically disappeared :p

Thanks a lot for your input here, and I'm sure you'd be fair to vote for the best design. ;)

Appreciated :)

Nella said...

well, i voted! ^_^ and your design is great so, deserve it.


Meticulousness said...

Congratulations already!

Meticulousness said...

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Fast_HacKinG said...

Nella: Thanks a lot for your vote :D I truly appreciate it ;)

Mysterious: Yepeeeeeeeeee Thanks dude, you're the first one who told me so :P .. and BTW: that blog doesn't give you direct link to download, you need a torrent program.

Meticulousness said...

Yeah, remember what I said earlier I wish upon you a happy day and a fair win. and well-deserved I must say.

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Meticulousness said...

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Fast_HacKinG said...

Alrighty, now I read that and I think I have that program installed on my pc already.

WoW, you got a good project ongoing huh? ;)

Thanks a lot bro :)