Sunday, July 29, 2007

No more updates

Yes, I don't think I will be updating my blog for couple of months. I am not sure why but I don't feel like updating in the coming months, so I thought of telling you this in advance.

[+] I won first place at the Oman3D iPod Competition, and I personally would like to thank every person who took the time and consideration to participate in the voting session thread; truly appreciated. One of the administrators at O3D has already announced me as the winner on this thread (Click Here).

Best wishes to y'all.


Meticulousness said...

Now since you're not that much into iPods, you may pass it to me lol

Congratulations, and may your talent award you a car next time *grins*

Amjad said...

I thought you won the second place, not first! :-s

anyways, congratulations man! very well-deserved.

So meticulousness says u're not interested in iPods. you know , you can pass it to me instead of passing it to him :-p .. LOL

Anonymous said...

Some really impressive shots you got in your blog :)