Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Long time no see!

I've been so much busy immediately since I came back from the States and I got involved in a technical training here in Oman for a technology called 'Weatherford JAMPro'. I am not that much bothered to talk about what's this so-called JAMPro but it's basically a numerical computerized device that measures the torque applied when making up two threaded joints together and this thing is very important when installing casing, completion tubing and other type of pipes.
The good news is that I'm getting back to work with the Fishing & Re-entry Services department and now I'm going to emphasize on learning more about Whipstock systems and getting to understand procurement processes for each asset and inventory items for my department. In another word, I'm getting to have more tasks than before which is, as I find it, so fun especially that it makes me more busy and understanding both sides. (i.e management and operations.)
Other than that, it seems my 'new life' that I recently experienced didn't work fine, so everything came to an end and it has been broken; back to bachelors' club! :D
Oh, and I have to mention that a Pakistani old man dumped my car from the rear bumper and had to replace it by new one through his insurance agency accordingly. It was totally hectic till I get their approval to replace the new bumper and do all the process of replacement at the Mercedes Zawawi Workshop. Moreoever, it was another bad experience with Mercedes Zawawi with the inappropriate customer-service which they pretend it's at highest quality. They really don't have the best customer service and their new hires are just the lamest!
Sorry if this post doesn't seem to be one of my best, but yeah that's what I went through for the last 3-4 weeks!


Noor said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear that! Hopefully, it'll work out for the best. ;)

Good luck!! with everything.

Noor said...

hey thanks for your comment, it really means a lot that your checking my blog! :)

and yeah i'm staying in nizwa for the next year, its my last year at school so yeah.. it's gonna be stressful!!!

Sariya said...

All I read was blablabla, until I got to the bachelor part. That's the interesting bit :P Anyways, all the best.

Fast_HacKinG said...

Noorie: No worries. I have always liked your spirit and the way you express your ideas. ;) Last year in school is not that stressful if you organize your timing and schedule well (which I am sure you would). I found it the best year ever. :D

Sariya: HAHAHAHA, bla bla huh? :p yeah the first two paragraphs were about my work. It's so fun to be back, though ;P

Anonymous said...

Gee sorry about all of that! =/
Hope everything goes well for you =).

Fast_HacKinG said...

Thanks Wolfeya =]