Friday, January 23, 2009

The Vertical City: 1.5 miles tall?

Seriously, what are they thinking of? This is so unbelievably unrealistic. I mean wow, it's like one of these buildings we see in Sci-Fi movies. 1.5 miles tall?? The world is truly coming to an end!!


Noor said...

wow!! i dunno but i think dubai is pushing it with these kinda stuff, at 1st it was cool but now there'll be no more land to build on!!

anyways, i have been updating my blog every once and a while. oh and congrats for the gulf cup, although i think ur not much of a sports fan, but did u go 2 a game? just wondering though. i didnt..

G-chan said...

Alo Alo!

This place is super quite oy!
Do something xD...maybe like update or something =P

That's one tall....tower >.<

Sam said...

Are they still going to continue this project, even under the current circumstances of the global financial crisis? I've heard that many projects in Dubai are stopped till further notice..

Meteor said...

i'll tell you what they have the obsession to do the biggest, the tallest in the world. it works sometimes but doesn't work in others

Fast_HacKinG said...

Noorie: long time I know, how have you been? Thanks for passing by :D

G-Chan: Here we go, I'm updating :p besides, you already know the news because it's posted in EnglishSabla xD

Sam: Like I know? :p but I wish they will, cause I want to spend one night there with my kids in the future. :D

Meteor: They're just thinking to be having everything as 'Biggest, Tallest, Most Expensive, etc etc' but hey, that's mn 3alamat elsa3ah xD?