Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy Eid + Happy Anniversary

Happy Eid: I truly wish all of you a very pleasant and joyful Eid, to you, your families and your beloved ones. Have a blast :)

Happy Anniversary: Yes! Exactly today, I completed 1 year working in Weatherford International. What a coincidence that I'm going to celebrate two things in one day? :p

Just a side note: Lately, I was confused on which DSLR camera should I get and I was all hesitant between the Nikon D90 and the Canon EOS 450D. Eventually, I ended up with Canon and only Canon; 'cause I've been using canon in the past 8 years. I'll be posting couple of my shots some time later.

Happy Eid to all of you once again, have fun guys. ;)


Noor said...

Ohhh that's gr8! Congrats, ;) i'm hoping it was a nice year...

and 3eed sa3eed, inshallah you'll have fun!

Amarant said...

mabroooooooooook 3ala the 1 year in ur job

o 3ala the 450D = great choice!